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tv   13 News 4  ABC  March 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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captured in atlanta how us marshals caught the fugitives saluting vietnam veterans local sailors say thank you plus the results are in for super tuesday how the candidates are reacting on social media the news of four starts right now breaking news just as the six and a half years in the making. the man who brutally killed two birds in a college student said metz killed were talking about jesse matthew his cases brought shock across virginia and the nation today matthew entered guilty pleas in both murder and abduction cases of virginia tech student morgan harrington and uva student hannah graham now matthew no longer faces a possible death penalty. reporter marcella robertson brings us today's developments from court in charlottesville and marcel it
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the families of the victims yes i was such an emotional day in court today we heard from the harrington from the grands and they were surrounded by their friends and family as a judge handed down the sentence to death in matthew today sensing the four life terms in prison for his crimes against morgan harrington and hannah graham now is part of this a plea agreement matthew or pled guilty to two of first degree murder charges to abduction with intent to file charges and he was facing the death penalty as you mentioned in the case of hannah graham but as part of that deal that has now been taken off the table now in court today during season grams victim impact statement she called her daughter a heroine who helped change the world by getting a serial killer off the streets of charlottesville. we also heard from morgan harrington father dan who spoke about his daughter and told the judge that he and his family have felt morgan's life every single second of every single day of the last
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which enable this wicked man convicted. she did change the world that is terrible price. they say it takes a village to raise a child i know it takes one to bury a child. we are most grateful for the kindness and compassion you have lavished on our family day in court today jesse matthew didn't seem really affected as you listen to the parents of the victims as speak he didn't shed any tears and he didn't address the core but it was clear that he was affected by that he did however ask his attorney to apologize to the families on his behalf now a spokesperson didn't come out after the hearing for the matthews family will hear what he had to say coming up tonight on thirteen years now at five o'clock live in charlottesville by marcella robertson thirteen years now well the two cases linked to jesse matthew spann back many years the first involving
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to two thousand and nine harrington disappeared october of that year she was last seen at a charlottesville metallica concert. a farmer found her body almost three months later about ten miles from where she disappeared and a grandbaby september twelve after a night out with friends jessie matthew was named a person of interest a few days later officers arrested him in galveston texas almost two weeks later police found hannah graham's body october eighteen two thousand and fourteen will have more on these cases that gripped the nation at five three suspects in a portsmouth homicide captured all the way in atlanta u s marshals arrested water in print. andre kill and kill on trotter they were released from jail in january after the commonwealth's attorney in portsmouth. stephanie morales was forced to drop their charges because prosecutors say they ran on time to bring them all to
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closely following the story his report coming up tonight at five we are preparing for a bow cool evening i have right now are looking at our downtown norfolk skyview very pretty shot right there but that some colder air moving and so skinny be pretty chilly tonight when jeff bennett enters are gonna be a little bit below what we saw last night which was a little bit below the night before since gradually trending colder again you saw that beautiful shot from skyview here downtown. this is a shot again very pretty picture down here at the dq camera at the oceanfront. but how even seen evidence of the wind out there noticed that we are seeing some pretty significant wave action there right near the shoreline coming in with those northerly north easterly wind so nothing on radar again clear skies across the region nothing expected in the short term the big news the temperatures and will feel even colder will go over that just the second but as you can see dropping pretty quickly this evening down
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we get into the thirties later tonight and by morning some of the farthest inland areas will actually be in the upper twenties now those are air temperatures when you factor in the winds which are gusting right now as high as twenty five in newport news twenty three in chesapeake i had a thirty something a minute ago showing up in hampton outstanding twenty four twenty nine there in dock. so with that wind it's going to feel at least five if not ten degrees colder than the actual air temperature so again little bit deceiving out there this evening that it will be cold so bundle up the race for the white house now in a day after virginia victories for donald trump and hillary clinton the candidates are now speaking out on social media for him he is following the fallout from super tuesday. yet we found lots of treats come in as you can imagine of the first place candidates went after they found out they had won this tweet from hillary said this actually came in at seven o one just one minute after polls closed the first super
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the one george and virginia and then shortly after senator tim kaine tweeted this out virginia's for hillary and he offered his congratulations. i guess you could say this is that we heard all around twitter yesterday. this tree from scott riddle thing i reject the real donald trump as our nominee based on his judgment temperament and character lots of people were tweeting about that yesterday that we saw donald trump later i am last night saying marco rubio lost a lost big last am sorry this is from this morning i even beat him in virginia where he spent so much time and money. now his bosses are desperate and angry and then of course this is from last night i apologize. making virginia as well so we saw a lot of these tweets coming in i happen to be her last night keeping track of everything will be interesting to see what is to come and watch beastly keep an eye on that back to the deaths are thankfully still a few issues of the ballot box yesterday so many voters set up in arlington and stafford counties. they say daniel are they nearly ran out of balance increasing say they had to photocopy ballots to
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co and king george counties reported longer than expected lines folks who made it there before seven was still allowed to cast their vote even after the polls closed the state board of elections as it is following up on any issues reported and they are working to correct the problems government policy total bill that would prohibit adopting common core standards unless lawmakers approve it. mccollum says the bill is unnecessary and would be a step backwards he believes virginia's current standards of learning are tougher than common core standards only a few other states have adopted common core standards those create benchmarks for math and english and we're kicking off the afternoon rush hour would be trapped in trouble around the hr bt lets give you a live look at the feeling that i'm watching sixty four westbound at thirteen to view this is right before you get to the willoughby bay bridge a multi vehicle accident is blocking all travel lanes
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and growing. starting at grammy streams can be pretty much a solid sit down there until traffic starts moving making its way to the hr bt if you're headed to the peninsula. the monitor merrimack looks good as well as the james river bridge speaking of the peninsula we have another accident sixty four eastbound just past for use this as you can see both lanes are blocked traffic getting by on the right shoulder and there we had a five mile backup and growing that backup starts around lee hall. i'll be continuing to fall the scenes of course her big trap the trouble in terms of just delays for the rest of the afternoon commute to have that those details coming up on the cia then back then they didn't get much of a hero's welcome vietnam war veterans were largely ignored or worse when they came home and now a grateful nation is finally saying thank you my good and takes you to a special ceremony that happened earlier today. it's a true case of better late than never the department of
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the fiftieth anniversary of the vietnam war. saluting the seven point two million living vietnam era veterans and remembering the fifty eight thousand men and women who died there. it was a war that tore the country apart as a returning vietnam that was one of the ones spent on this a long time ago. this one store for today and suffix some healing at bonnie's family restaurant local vietnam vets were honored by the u s naval surface force atlantic by modern day sailors from three ships named for vietnam heroes the uss le boom the uss oscar austin and the uss james e williams you know i think there's never a long time to do the right thing it's about honoring their service in the day we need to recognize their service picking up the tab for breakfast as he's done for years for area bats businessman william blair and his wife sarah. they want to call it kept us safe and life and i've been in my lappy is
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grateful for the recognition and i'm glad that they're starting to get the respect that they should get it all just serving serving our nation is pretty tough when we came home we didn't have the whole raw but now it's great it's great to feel really good but i'm feeling good about their service valor and sacrifice despite doing the same in suffolk migrating thirteen years now local clergy will host a second call to action community form the goal is to keep conversation going on how to improve police community relations the police chiefs and the commonwealth attorneys from hampton and newport news will be there the last forum drew a crowd of more than fifteen hundred people is tonight at seven at hampton high school in hampton. tybee fbi admits the agency made a mistake. director james calmly explains the missteps as agents took one
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debated by phone at the center of the san bernardino case and an inside look at those super tuesday results analysis of how it all played out in virginia the highly debated future confedera pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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. today for junior senators mark warner tim kaine took to the senate floor to speak to majority leader mitch mcconnell they urged him to reconsider blocking a supreme court justice nominated by it's the senate's responsibility to hold a hearing and vote on a nominee president obama just met with top senate leaders yesterday at the white house to discuss the vacancy. senate republicans say nothing has changed in their stance with the supreme court appears split on taxes abortion clinic is a loss and cover operating standards for
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supporters say the law promotes women's health but those opposed to say that's not the case since the law passed in many texas clinics had to close this case is considered the biggest abortion case and nearly a quarter century. justice anthony kennedy could hold the deciding vote. the fbi arrested a man for allegedly nabbing four point eight million dollars worth of gold bars from a truck in north carolina forty six year old on the bill told perez was arrested at his home in florida police say three armed thieves intercepted a truck shipment of two hundred and seventy five pounds of gold bars last march they allegedly tied up the driver's hands and took off and what's happening now the investigation into debris that might be late to the missing malaysia airlines plane like three seventy went missing nearly two years ago the plane has yet to be located two hundred and thirty nine people were onboard that flight from
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not been confirmed if the piece of debris is from a missing aircraft but we will keep you updated on thirteen years now but ticket sales are a problem just five months before the rio olympics fewer than half of the tickets on offer have been sold. revenue from ticket sales are and seventy four percent of the total target right now brazil is at the epicenter of the z virus outbreak there are also fears of the waterways athletes will compete in are unsanitary i showed you earlier beautiful picture they're coming in from the oceanfront nice clear skies that means nice clear skies also should do this earlier on radar nothing to worry about at all in terms of any precipitation as containers held by friday and want stay tune for this part of the forecast that's coming up in just couple of minutes but right now a cool fifty degrees we had temperatures a
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the middle of the night and then as we talked about just kept sliding and then now is sort of been slowly falling as we go in the evening little bit of a northerly breeze right now at ten but they're suspects that sustain the gusts right now are up around thirty mph in some spots. meanwhile forty nine in newport news you can see north and west that's often wind coming in tonight we're going to continue to see those cooler temperatures during the evening hours forty nine right now in hampton a little milder from the beach back down into north carolina back down through areas of south side so again the wind later tonight will continue to usher in that chili or a air the colder air that has been building up around charlottesville northern virginia into pennsylvania say we got to the evening with the forecast dropping most of the inland areas already in the thirties by and sort of mid to late evening right near the coastline still near forty and then by morning even spots near the water
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the mid thirties most of us will be in the low thirties and i want to get back in line down on talking really far and one very rural spot or to see some twenties during the day tomorrow tomorrow afternoon. even colder than today will see i think also though at least some partial sunshine this looks pretty overcast but a lot of these are the high thin clouds are sort of a mid level clouds so it's certainly not going to be completely sunny but it will be at times sort of intervals of sun and look at the temperatures only in the mid forties thursday night. remember we've been talking about a chance for some snow north and west of us still are a little bit of a mix that is still looking like it is possible thursday night and then into friday even i think this may be where the accumulating snow is but i think right even here across hampton roads we can at least have a mix if not some accumulations especially inland areas on some of the grassy surfaces
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temperatures will be so far above freezing though that it's hard this time of year the beginning of march to get a lot of snow boots and a very favorable position right now the main front has moved offshore chilly conditions moving in behind it tonight then thirty two with mid thirties at the coast and areas but that breeze will make it feel colder and then tomorrow forty three who had some mixed precipitation arriving thursday night continuing into friday forty three for the high then and still below normal but a little better on sunday with a chance to shine and great looking but when you know in the middle of next week not on the weekend. are they stuff it is wednesday and you know that means jobs jobs day here in thirteen years now phil says the tiger cubs will steal the show coming up
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by for a warm and five k last month there was a special mom was at the virginia zoo two tiger cubs were born now caring for them is a special job tonight is joel's job and vet tech over there the zoo in their beautiful animal hospital over there and these cubs are just amazing malayan culture seven weeks old they're going to totally steal the show on this. joe's job i was training with that actually a rocker who's been here the virginia zoo for eleven years now. first order of business was bringing the two brother comes down to the fitting room for lunch and for them it's bottle time because they were only born back on january six and seven by the way my birthday is january seven. can you imagine doing this for a job at school at the court got a new outfit the night walk out and see a tiger or ella and
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animals that we have here to be able to work on all of them it's amazing how many times do you get to feed living breathing malayan tiger of these little guys were not initially accepted by their mother at the zoo so the staff had to take over the job of hand feeding them with bottles these are what they call critically endangered malayan tiger cubs born right here at the virginia zoo last month so not something that occurs very often there's less than three hundred of them in unique opportunity for us which were really trying to share with our visitors bring visitors and close and yes the zoo was really the program the system it's very accommodating to the public they can see and hear everything from right outside the hospital's window weekends there are hundreds of people out here watching the feedings with all four with the design and build animals right down there and
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cared for in here at i eighty four days we're hoping that there we ain't the point they would go over there and said that in asia the team has a bachelor's degree of science in biology and a veterinarian technology degree too you have to have that background an exotic animal husbandry management medicine even nutrition as they manage nutrition program here at the zoo. i didn't do too well measuring how much they ate afterwards my finger slipped in the milk was trading around the world. we had asked leah what i do working in here i write this is that we can train you are right now thank you appreciate that by the way all this talking and geoff lawson thirty have a funny line and say i thought you were lions were alive now and jeff lawson of dying by the way other will be naming opportunities for the public on the little bit later on in their feedings are every day one forty five
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the last chance to watch the feedings from outside is a fascinating life oh yeah and so i a bizarre health
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i think candidates are back on the campaign trial to a very busy super tuesday one step closer to their parties' presidential nominations democrats hillary clinton and republican donald trump they secretary of state is making a homecoming visit to new york city. meanwhile donald trump is taking the day off after his last his victory speech last night was excellent when we get to make america great again folks we're going to make a
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to do but her work is not to make america great again america never stopped being great. next up for the republican candidates is a detroit stage they'll debate tomorrow with an eye toward tuesday's vinyl michigan primary republican presidential candidate ben carson decided not to participate in tomorrow's republican debate. as for the democrats they'll debate in flint michigan on sunday now here to talk more about the race of the white house is norfolk state university political science professor dr carol pratt love thank you so much for joining us a couple of late breaking stories and within the hours of knitting romney announced that he is going to issue a state and the gop speech tomorrow your reaction to the well that almost takes me off guard. except that you do see the beginnings of this division in the republican party on the part of them
4:31 pm
part more conservative and very fearful the park that is in opposition to trump and sarah fearful of his win and what will happen if he goes against hillary they are almost mentally say he is not the women in celery so they're trying to hone re calibrate and come up with someone who maybe can breed sector this morning on the seven hundred club pat robertson stated that he was surprised and i and the number of evangelicals in virginia who voted for donald trump now and that's a surprise to me from pat robertson but on the other hand i think that the evangelicals want to poke present themselves as compassionate republicans and not romney bashing republicans those who bash every minority those who bash
4:32 pm
they want to be more centralized focus. let's talk a little bit about the hillary clinton bernie sanders race and it appears that she can she has a challenge ahead of her bernie sanders doing very well in the college towns we know that surprises me in fact yesterday i was writing from myself from all over heard a group of young people talking about sanders and how philosophically he appealed to them but they will be listening for the details and i was proud of how it's like oh yes the children and their car listening to see how is this going to work and i think and actually beginning to clump the number so i think he should be a the young people and have one carson announcing that he sees no political path forward but he stopped short of quitting the race. wow well i'm not surprised that i'm surprised that it has taken him this long but
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quitter so i think that's what the deal if i am not gonna quit i am one of annual and even if i loose an embarrassing percentages. i'm still super tuesday turning into a super wednesday carol thank you so much for joining thank you janet. i thank you with watching continuing coverage of virginia lawmakers deciding whether to keep or remove civil war monuments some monuments are right here in hampton roads now virginia lawmakers pass legislation designed to prevent localities for moving civil war monuments are christine is for j co has the latest battle lines have been drawn for months on one the removal of the other those fighting for them to remain in place twenty one feel bad about the voices of both groups have been heard loud and clear but the feet of the debate in virginia
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in the hands of the governor a bill that has passed both the house in the senate would disturbing what are said to portsmouth several city leaders have spoken out about wanting to see this monument and then you say obviously on happy and some are even asking for the governor to veto the new law. portsmouth mayor kenny wright is one of those city leaders while he might continue his fight others we spoke to today say it's time to let it go there for so long i kind of feel like if this stays that i mean it's really light and i'm really a date thing i do understand why some people or remove the lead pairs and pairs of fake snow always single on together when we go out to move in mind that those videos of clashes in port st christina's for j co
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temperature is cooling down an answer as with the wet spring therefore want take a look at the west and skyview that said the virginia beach town center geoff lawson is here with more on tonight's chilly temperatures day and it will be dropping and we mentioned it before but just sort of a refresher to clear the skies are at night the colder it gets now doesn't always mean you have cold conditions but if you have cold air clear skies it had clouds out there we know that for sure so that's one of the reasons that were calling for more cold tonight nothing on radar obviously as well. when the temptress compared to yest a nest i remember was down for a lot of us not for everybody but down considerably especially near the coastline from the day before and here we are today fifteen seventeen eighteen twenty degrees colder than at this exact hour yesterday twenty four hours ago so you know it's going to be cold tonight dropping back into into the forties are heading out later this evening these are air temperatures a factor in
4:36 pm
least five if not ten degrees or more colder than these numbers because of that when shells so we get down in the morning where we're in the mid thirties now the wind always a little bit by morning so it won't be twenty five probably for when shell but definitely will feel like near thirty and then tomorrow only back up into the forties verses today which was fifty so we're going to continue that downward trend here for another day or two and by the end the week we've been talking a little bit of a mixer some winter weather potentially for part of the region on details on that coming up it's still possible hear that the statue of the film and i rode it three accidents in elevators the accident and they are in very busy places that we've already talked about the one around the hr bt one in newport news near fort eustis and now we have one at the high rise bridge south of this is the one in newport news i actually want to show you the other ones on camera some to tell you about this one here without rapid
4:37 pm
sixty four eastbound just past fort eustis. that is headed in the direction of jefferson right now both lanes are blocked traffic getting by on the right shoulder a five and a half mile back up after lee hall that this accident a tent or purse camera now show you the accident the high rise bridge sixty four eastbound headed toward george washington the right lane is blocked a four mile back up here to battlefield blvd and then a second camera we head now to the hr bt where the accident actually just cleared a couple seconds ago here. sixty four westbound at thirteen few bucks just before the will the bay bridge behind this by the half mile back up starting at little creek road so we are very busy this afternoon i'll have the latest for you right here on thirteen years now audacity thank you the toughest sanctions on north korea in twenty years said to have monthly right now in usa today da com the u n security council makes a bold move today reflecting growing anger at north korea's latest nuclear test a rocket launch may remember we
4:38 pm
done in defiance of abandon all nuclear related activity the new sanctions include mandatory inspections of cargo leaving and entering north korea by sea or air a ban on all sales or transfers of small arms and light weapons to north korea's capital and expulsion of diplomats from the north who engage in illicit activities the head of the fbi admits his agents made a mistake and he's referring to phone that was left behind by one of the shooters in san bernardino california i missed epi acknowledge made it hard for investigators to access the information the federal authorities are now seeking in that growing dispute with apple and unusual and cautious ride to school this morning. adults rode the buses with students in madison ohio and they got a nice welcome when they got there and that's because this was the first day back at madison junior senior high school since police say a fourteen year old boy shot two students during lunch in the cafeteria to happen on
4:39 pm
injured by shrapnel as they try to run away police in crisis counselors were on hand today and does the fourteen year old suspect remains in juvenile detention so far no word why jazz and country practice on this problem in the news was far too often now. thanks so much well know as earth tonight about a train derailment in lynchburg that train lead to thousands of gallons of oil into the james river after a powerful explosion the national transportation safety board report next. and a big talker on social media imagine having to blow your
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
. i an update to a train derailment in lynchburg the national transportation safety board released a report on the two thousand fourteen crash of a train carrying crude oil the report states the probable cause of this accident was a broken rail caused by a reversed the tail
4:43 pm
rolling contact the tea the derailment ended with a fiery explosion in three oil tankers in the james river no one was hurt in the derailment scary moments for residents in ripley new york when a norfolk southern train derailment lead to early morning evacuations that both has the latest. it was like gasoline and what it was almost like an iron gas main in a soon as i open up my front door it was just fuming up to snow the spreading throughout ripley after this norfolk southern train way through the door bottom and sleeve like so many others told she needs to leave immediately as crews work to stop the leak and age aside emergency situation had a sign inside the muscles like that scary movie just about half a mile from those train tracks ripley's united methodist
4:44 pm
were evacuated spent the night was a slew of those were a little preachy. ms murphy was waking up the beaters dairy bar talking everything that happened at the back of the town for five years with two kids were scared of the kids were taken surely my trip we will never forget. just know how to get out clinton prepares for the next and the governor andrew cuomo requested hazmat teams to work with state emergency crews to patch the leak. police say no one was hurt. people can no longer use electronic cigarettes on any airline flights that is according to the transportation department the ban will take effect in one month and applies to passengers in all u s and foreign airlines with flights within into or out of the country turning into a big talker and social media involving a five year old california girl for months
4:45 pm
why the girls noles have money they ran test after test but it turns out the problem required a more simple solution filing free or has the story chloe russell is back to doing hand stands and cartwheels plan my menu for the five year old feeling better for the first time in six months she said she no longer has to stop every five minutes to blow her nose her nose started decided if one side green green green constantly and it stung while her mother kaitlin powell says chloe never complained of pain she took her to three different doctors to try to figure out what was wrong houses all three doctors thought it was a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics. we medication didn't work week or even to the dentist as i critique the thing then last weekend the mystery
4:46 pm
was like you're no disgusting ploy or not is going out and so she blows it out come of the season is like the thick black and disintegrating about one half inches long it was a huge object but it's not her know that it was bigger than her know we are horrified that i was like didn't you put this up so she did things for us kelly chloe reluctantly reveals she was building a castle with safety pins six months ago when one ended up in her nose. powell says she does not blame the doctors the pain did not show up when they used a scope in her nostrils. she says she's just happy it's out in the symptoms have disappeared really be on really for chloe. lesson learned no way that again we get one scratch a nose right by the girl's mother says she scheduled a doctor's appointment later this week to make sure there's no lasting injury or infection turning out to the flood water crisis the michigan
4:47 pm
calling for governor rick snyder to resign over fonts water crisis is inconceivable that the governor wasn't aware of what was going on in fact the governor's own chief of staff came out last week and indicated that he had been keeping the governor informed by the city leaders switched its water source and twenty fourteen under a state of emergency lad from aging pipes leaked into funds drinking water possibly leading to leave generic disease has linked to the deaths of nine people well my then one last few days but we've certainly seen a trend downward and we're going to continue see that same trend with the colder and colder readings over the next day or so. in fact going into friday believe it or not we could be talking
4:48 pm
for parts of the area i would not rule out a little bit of an accumulation on some of the elevator grassy surfaces especially back in line more on that coming up. nice clear skies as you can see our sky be there from town center forty two as the temps will drop to this evening so it was chilly today definitely going to be quite chilly this evening under mainly clear skies though it'll feel more like the thirties. when's of about ten to fifteen mph peak wind gust today as you can see we're pretty gusty thirty one in newport news thirty three in virginia beach close to that number from hampton back down through parts of the metro area and everybody really well up into the twenties at least if not as i said hi or look in the future cast then going to the evening with those north westerly winds dropping the readings back here by a sort of mid evening into the mid forties continuing than in the lower forties with some thirties are showing up by late evening and then during the overnight org and see those temperatures actual air
4:49 pm
areas will even make some twenty some upper twenties is overdone by just a couple of degrees i'm in a lower than a couple and then tomorrow it'll start to warm up somewhat with the sun comes up but not a whole lot we are going to go above the forties for high temperatures tomorrow i'm gonna say mid forties for the most part unless you're maybe down near the water somewhere forces me far inland areas or some spots in kill devil hills the outer banks right near the water body else to be very very chilly easterly wind set up then during the evening on thursday that bring some moisture back into the outlook and as we get into friday. notice the spinning area that's an area of low pressure on friday and with cold air on the northern western side of it. we're going see some rain thursday night into friday and i wouldn't doubt we'll get a little snow and some of the spots again in land area as it's questionable as to how much we're going to write now say a possible accumulation if we get some of these heavier bursts
4:50 pm
will have a lot more on that later tonight and certainly tomorrow as we get a little bit closer. meanwhile highs today in the sixties but these were almost exclude the few i check anyway we're all in the middle of the night i'd said just after midnight it was sixty one after midnight then we drop to fifty nine or so and then back up to sixty two at three forty five in the morning so high was just before four am this morning and then it's been downhill quite literally ever since you can see the cool air rushing in on the backside of the system with clear skies also on the backside for nine thirty two mainly clear upper twenties though for the in london rural areas will feel colder than that tomorrow forty three partly sunny chilly for this time of year for early march northerly winds early becoming easterly and then tomorrow night we're talking a little bit of a mixed turning maybe to some snow or a mix and her exact location on friday forty three has two straight days and then we start a trend
4:51 pm
of next week it's very nice except a big birthday is buzzing on social media right now and instead of cake. we are celebrating with green eggs and ham happy birthday dr seuss riley's right so i will start what's trending today with one of my all time favorite quotes from seuss himself be who you are and say what you feel because the ones who mind don't matter and the ones who matter don't mind i know everyone tobacco but it's one of my favorites every year on this date we celebrate weed across america day a nationwide reading celebration in honor of dr seuss is birthday so all around the country as students in various schools are doing activities to honor him today or a chick fil a has launched a challenge that promises free desserts. if you follow their rules. each family member has to put their cell phone in a coop that looks like this that's what they're calling it a chick flick soup you have to keep your phone inside the box at each table
4:52 pm
and every the water challenge that every family member will get a free dessert free ice cream cone i think that's really cool is also known by a mom who was so upset that they could never have dinner together in peace because her kids were always on or something we can fund the set yeah exactly i actually went to the norfolk location to play to find out if they were doing it they had done them yet but there are hundreds of locations throughout the nation that are doing it see a paycheck. alright finally what happens when you cross a donut with an ice cream cone. well a whole lotta sugar you get this beautiful creation check this out people are going nuts over them on instagram showed this and not hard to see why they come from good good food kasi a bakery and cafe in prague and they consist of racers of guys cinnamon sugar covered donuts stuffed with soft serve ice cream and a tele films are based on something they call it chewy
4:53 pm
and cylindrical czech pastry that spake as you saw earlier in the cylinder for bringing to the nine hour. i mean we think ronan see so many crazy things and i'm sure this is just the beginning they're going to bring it here though i don't worry that some of the premier solution one tonight on abc the goldberg starts at eight o'clock followed by an all new episode of the real meals at eight thirty then modern family and nine. then another episode of the real news at nine thirty american crime starts at ten and join us for thirteen years now and loving family game show jeopardy is coming to washington d c more on how you can attend the show max the thirteen years now and five the families of two murdered for junior college students are finally able to start healing. we were in the courtroom is jessie matthews jr admitted to killing hannah graham and morgan harrington was twenty
4:54 pm
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the template is hosting a free shred up on the event is designed to help you get rid of documents that could compromise your identity you may bring up to five boxes of junk mail and personal papers to the aaa location at fifty three sixty six virginia beach boulevard in virginia beach. the event is set for saturday march twelve from eight thirty until twelve thirty and the shredded material will be recycled jeopardy. america's favorite game shows coming to washington d c special election year trek than you could be in the audience three upcoming tournaments including power players week the teachers tournaments the team tournaments will be taped at d a r constitution hall in april for more information go to thirteen years now. dot com full house star jodie sweeten is joining the cast of the new season of
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encouraged to join by her fuller house co stars and the actress says she brings some dance experience to the show and that's all we have for you today for thirteen years now and five starts now. two young lives morgan harrington and hannah graham cut short by this man he will deprive the world of the great island. now justice is served. it had been a long a very long journey. jesse matthew jr will pay the price arrested released then charged again. now three murder suspects are back behind bars in portsmouth the manhunt ending nearly six hundred miles away on marina set ablaze possibly on purpose. new information just in on two victims killed in the fire. for more life sentences for jessie matthews
4:59 pm
today in the murders of two virginia college student says cases grip the commonwealth first in two thousand nine virginia tech student morgan harrington disappeared then five years later uva student hannah graham bennett and matthews dna linked to both case. marcella robertson is live in charlottesville she was in the courtroom for today's sentence or sell you heard some powerful testimony from the victims' families yea it was such an emotional day in court here we heard from morgan harrington dad who talked about how hard all of this has been since his daughter was murdered in two thousand and nine. we also heard from hannah graham's mother she gave a victim impact statement she told the judge she always knew her daughter was meant to change the world. she just said no one ever thought it would be in this way she called hannah a heroine who helped police catch a predator hiding in plain sight today jessie matthew jr guilty of first degree murder but hannah
5:00 pm
the abduction with intent to defile anagram jesse matthews will serve for life sentences for his crimes. it serves the interests of justice matthew admittedly state to kill the college students overriding priority was not he will never be able again to inflict his depravity of women. tears filled the courtroom as hannah graham's mother spoke about the pain of losing her daughter she told the judge matthew dent and a like a piece of trash. morgan herring tim's dad also gave a victim impact statement in court a moment both hearing kids have been waiting for since their daughter was murdered in two thousand and nine for six and a half years you all were determined and resolute to find the top tier predator that country in this community that process has been successfully completed today. jesse mathews family


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